CH Loralei's Luck of the Draw BOSS, WC

Sire: Loralei's Big Kahuna JH, WCX
Dam: Loralei's Crocodile Kid OD CCA CGC

Whelped 12/22/2009

Tebow is a moderate Golden standing at 23 1/2 inches at the withers. He is the color of a Gold wedding band, with lighter feathering. He carries ample coat, which is wash and wear.  He has enough leg to carry him in the field all day, and he is a little longer than he is tall, with a short loin.  Tebow has a teddy bear face with  dark pigment.  His side gait is stunning. His temperament is  energetic, willing,  and playful. He loves his stuffed toys, and to carry anything around!  He will fetch my slippers from under the bed when I ask!  He wants to please, and is a quick study. 

Tebow at Sandlapper Specialty Show

Tebow in the Field

Tebow getting his "Groom" on

Tebow at Eukanuba, 2013

Tebow wins Best of Breed and a Group 4 under

Judge Tom Bradley in West Palm Beach from 12 - 18 mth class!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

Tebow earns a 2nd place ribbon at the GRCA National Specialty show!!
Tebow in the Field

November 2011, Ocala

"Owner-Handled from Bred By"

BOSS MFGRC 6/24/2010 6-9 mth Judge Erik Strikland

Reserve Winner 2/20/2011 12-18 mth Judge William R Russell

BOSS EVGRC 3/11/2011 12-18 mth Judge Ellen Hardin

Reserve Winner 4/30/2011 12-18 mth Judge Dr. Bob G Smith

WD 2 pts 10/14/2011 BBE Judge Dr. Klaus Anselm

Reserve Winner 1/14/2012 BBE Judge Thomas Feneis

WD 3 Pts 2/18/2012 BBE Judge Karin Ashe

Reserve Winner 2/19/2012 BBE Judge Frank J Washabaugh

WD 2 Pts 3/10/2012 BBE Judge Dr. Steve Herman

WD 2 Pts Group 4 3/11/2012 BBE Judge Thomas Bradley

Reserve Winner 4/14/2012 BBE J udge Dr. Steve Herman

Reserve Winner 5/26/2012 BBE Judge Karen Wilson

Reserve Winner 5/27/2012 BBE Judge Joseph E Gregory
Reserve Winner 7/26/2012 BBE Judge Karen Wilson
3rd GRCA National 9/5/2012 BBE Judge Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna
Reserve Winner 9/22/2012 BBE Judge Howard Falberg
WD 2 Pts 10/14/2012 BBE Judge Mary Ann Alston
Reserve Winner 10/27/2012 BBE Judge Jane Jensen
Reserve Winner 11/10/2012 BBE Judge Patricia Leake
WD 2 Pts 11/16/2012 BBE Judge Dana Cline
Reserve Winner 02/16/2013 Open Judge Bonnie Linnel Clarke
Tebow finished his Championship under Judge Linda L Kelly, expertly handled by Janice Granda, going WD and Best of Winners for 5 Pts at the Hendersonville Kennel Club Show on July 26th, 2013 in Greenville, SC. The very next day, he took BOS for 5 Pts towards his Grand Championship!


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